One-Year MBA Program

For those wishing to pursue a career in business administration, the full time one-year MBA program could prove ideal. This program, as the name suggests, lasts for a period of one year, and because it is shorter than many other MBA programs, it is a very intense and fast paced study course, so you should ensure that you have the commitment and the staying power to commit yourself fully for this period of time to ensure that you can take in the knowledge and learn the skills in which you will be instructed.

Because the full time one-year MBA program is a very intensive one, you may find that places are limited and that you need to meet certain criteria in terms of current qualifications or experience in order to be eligible for this course. A number of institutions offer the full time one-year MBA, although the eligibility requirements as well as the course structure and content may vary. You should check all of these aspects before you apply for any particular full time one-year MBA program, as this will ensure that you make an informed choice and attend a program that will benefit you.

The full time one-year MBA program is a great way in which to improve your career prospects without having to give up a number of years to further your qualifications and education. Once you have successfully completed the full time one-year MBA program and you have this qualification under your belt, you can look forward to speedier career progression, higher chances of breaking into the career in which you wish to enter, and a higher chance of getting a great salary.

Your full time one-year MBA program may combine theory and practical work experience, providing you with a well rounded business administration education in a short space of time. You will learn valuable skills and experiences, which are designed to help you work confidently and competently in this sort of work environment.

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